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Good Morning Biscuits

Posted by on October 19, 2012

Alright, in our house eggs are used a lot… and then forgotten for awhile and gone back to.  I really think that our least favorite thing about eggs has to do with the cleanup.  It seems like no matter what eggs make a skillet unhappy.  The first few come out well and then the pan starts getting egg stuck to it and before you know it I don’t want eggs used… period.  (What you see there in the middle is not uncooked yolk, it is a tiny cube of cheese I topped them with.)

Firstly, we do not buy eggs at the store.  Farm fresh eggs at the store tend to run close to $5 per dozen.  When we started to purchase them I was disgusted; and I am allergic to them so not having them around was A-OK.  Anyhow, now that I have been on the primal diet for long enough, my allergies to eggs and many other primal foods should be cleared up!!! 🙂  So, my SIL, Anna, lives in a small town and started bringing us eggs (she stays with us two to three nights a week when she comes here for her job).  She even found a second egg farmer this winter as the farmer she was using couldn’t keep up 🙂  

Farm fresh organic eggs now run here just $1.50 a dozen, a huge savings.  If you ask around you probably have local connections to an egg farmer too 🙂





Anyway, tonight I was going to make a sweet potato and zucchini noodle dish; however, I got exhausted and decided to whip up this simple, quick, minimal cleanup dish instead.

Ingredients –

12 strips of bacon

12 eggs

12 cubes of cheese

Kitchen Supplies – 

1 muffin pan


mixing bowl


First you preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Then, put the bacon in the muffin pan in little circles of the muffin pan.  My muffin pan is pretty shallow but it shouldn’t make a big difference.  After all 12 holes are filled by circling one strip of bacon per muffin cup, place it in the oven.  I did this so that the grease could line the bottom of the cups and the bacon would get more crisp (which always makes me feel like it is more done).  While the bacon is beginning to bake, I crack and whisk 12 eggs in a mixing bowl.  Once the eggs are whisked I cut the cubes of cheese (about 1/4 inch cubes but you can adjust for how much you like).  Then, I pull out the muffin pan, pour in the eggs, drop in the cheese, and bake at 400 degrees for another 25 minutes.  

You may want to adjust your cook times a little depending on how you like your eggs, and keep in mind that eggs continue to cook for about 2 minutes or so after you pull them out, if you leave them in too long they may get too dry! Sometimes we add spinach or green onions, peppers, etc. 

The best part about these eggs are they just fall right out of the pan… look how clean it was after dumping them out!  

This is what the pan looked like right after rinsing!  No scrubbing at all.  I call that primally perfect!

The boys call these Good Morning Biscuits 🙂

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