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Story of the World

Story of the World, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!  This program is really great.  It engages the kids in stories about a history, how we found out about history, what the Bible tells us about history, and it incorporates coloring sheets and geography too!  I love that it incorporates morals and Bible into it while giving a strong grasp of geographical influences, democracy versus dictatorship, and so many other fun and interesting facts.  The way that stories that have been passed down for generations are incorporated into the book gives the children a strong understanding of how storytelling originated and its purpose, it allows them to see the figurative language, foreshadowing, and story development.  If you were really into creating lapbooks and doing unit studies, this program and math could really end up being a full curriculum.  Do not misunderstand me, there is no “included science,” however, there is so much information in the book that you could easily add on the recommended readings, talk about creative writing, writing skills, vocabulary, science (especially variations of earth science and creation-based science), and just explore more without specific guidance on it.  This program also offers an audio version of the book, which could be good if you are into carschooling (our public library even has both available to check out).  Our family really likes the lack of forced structure and the ability to spin off and study different areas in depth.  The materials also include many projects, arts, crafts, etc. to do that correspond with the chapters.  We will certainly progress through this series and move on to History of the World!


Apparently you can purchase the Story of the World activity books from Barnes and Noble and use your teacher discount to score the books for about $17!  I purchased mine online for much higher 🙁  Most libraries have the books and the audio to listen to available for checkout.

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