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Writing With Ease

This year we were gifted a Writing With Ease book.  We really appreciate the gesture, and my children do enjoy the stories and there is a nice incorporated writing/grammar curriculum; however, (maybe because I am the daughter of an english teacher) I am a little disappointed with the curriculum outside of the realm of reading comprehension.  It seems to have a strong comprehension footing, but to cover language arts you would still need a separate spelling, handwriting, vocabulary, and grammar curriculum to go along with it.  This is disappointing because I could easily sit down with any book I choose and work on comprehension skills with the children.  I do appreciate their interesting selection of materials the kids are or should become acquainted with like Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Little House in the Big Woods, etc.  For the first little bit I was pulling vocabulary out from these stories and using a puzzle creating site.  Now I have been using words from a free list and creating applicable activities to go along with them.  I opted to go ahead and purchase a spelling curriculum, and for handwriting, well I suppose I am a little lax there, after all, how often do you write these days?  I am having them copy their own writing, and our work with LOF gives us a little more experience as well.  I wouldn’t pay for the Writing With Ease curriculum; however, it is something that is already planned out for me and gives me a backup for my other plans 🙂

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