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Dehydrated Bananas

Posted by on November 21, 2012


Bought a lot of really ripe bananas, so we dehydrated these in little 1/4″ cuts on 135 in the dehydrator.  These are a huge hit with the kiddos.  They are a nice little treat that we can pack around anywhere.  We were able to buy the entire lot of bananas for 23 cents and it is enough for about two snack times for the four kids!  They go over super well!  When they are dry they have a tendency to attach and adhere pretty strongly to the grates on the dehydrator.  We just very gently push on the back side and it pops them off like the old-fashioned ice cube trays worked 🙂  Do not push too hard or you will break your grates, just a very little pressure will loosen them enough!


Have  a blessed day!


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