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Duct Tape Purses and Wallets

Posted by on October 23, 2012


Well this was a fun project; however, I must say that it was certainly above what the kids could really do alone.  It was great for building on the importance of patience, planning, and listening.  We used plain duct tape to spare the expense on the interiors.  I love the way this project was able to demonstrate planning and working to improve (for my perfectionists these skills are important).  We used clear plastic shower curtain from Dollar Tree to make the ID slot.  That works far better than the suggested packing tape we had heard before.  If you notice the small imperfections, they stand out far more in pictures and are due to getting impatient 🙂  BTW the decorative tape seemed stickier to us than the regular tape, and the more pieces you have cut in advance the harder it is to keep from sticking them together by accident.  My husband enjoyed the project so much he ended up making himself one too, LOL – my biggest kiddo!




Wallets should be precut to about 9 inches then trimmed down to 8-1/2 inches.   We just eyeballed the size for the purse, and lucky us it is perfect for her to add her school supplies to as well.  These are probably way more durable and affordable long term for groceries… not to mention super cute!

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  1. noahsarkhomeschoolacademy

    Wow, how neat! I bet the kids really enjoyed that! Looks like fun!

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