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Lego Math – Building, Graphing, Multiplication! (Rebuild Challenges)

Posted by on November 14, 2012

Hey, we checked out Christina’s Lego Math Unit Studies post from November 8th and decided to use some of the ideas.  Of course, one of the favorite things that the kids love to do is build sculptures using LEGO, and cars are an absolute favorite; so we decided to start at the beginning of the list and do the unit study with added work.  This is what I came up with.  Each child was to build one car and one monochromatic masterpiece (if they don’t know the term it is a great opportunity to start bringing out the dictionary so they can look it up!).  Then, we took pictures so we could offer a rebuild challenge later.  Check them out below.  I plan to use this challenge for them to read each other’s graphs and rebuild using graphs and pictures at a later date.


Here’s a link for free printable graphing paper in several sizes!


Car Build









Monochromatic Build















Their directions were:

  1. Choose two projects from the list and create.
  2. Create a bar graph of the # of each color of block used.
  3. Create a bar graph of the specific size pieces (i.e. 6 pegs {6×1}, 8 pegs {2×4}).  Did you notice anything about the correlation between the numbers that were listed and the total of pegs on the piece?


Tomorrow we will be trading graphs to see if we can interpret the findings.  These are the questions they are going to answer:

  1. How many blocks total were used in the project?  Double check.
  2. What was the most popular color?  Size?
  3. What was the least popular color?  Size?
  4. How many more blocks were used in the project that used the most blocks compared to the project that used the least blocks?
Check out many other Lego learning options here and a Lego learning unit here.
Have a blessed day!





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